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“For every moment spent in darkness,

you now embody the wisdom of light

that transmutes all suffering.

It is time to LET GO.


Earth Angel School: Module 2 offers practical tools for working through triggers and embodying unconditional self love. 


Earth Angel School is a four part workshop series that helps guide you through a Spiritual Awakening. Through remembering our sovereignty, the Earth Angel Archetype will be fully embodied. This series is a means to help people awaken to their personal truth, wisdom and divinity.


This module is for anyone who

EXPERIENCES the following:


  • Feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and frustration towards self

  • Awareness of self and patterns but unable to make conscious change

  • Unable to self-regulate emotions, spiraling from overstressed and imbalanced nervous system


  • A deep feeling of hopelessness, feeling stuck and triggered constantly

  • Disconnection to body and frequent urges to partake in unhealthy numbing behaviors


  • Unable to break free from toxic relationships and toxic relationship with self


  • Chronic fatigue from overthinking and self judgement


This module is for anyone who

WANTS the following:

  • Feeling at ease with life and motivated to create conscious change on mental, emotional and physical wellbeing 


  • Bodily awareness, able to pinpoint emotional triggers and release them from the body


  • Mental awareness, able to recognize survival patterns and consciously reframe beliefs that invoke safety


  • Feeling balanced and in control of emotional outbursts and spiraling behavior


  • Feel connected, supported and integrated to Higher Self, body, mind and Spirit


  • Ability to step into worth to end toxic relationships and place sacred boundaries


  • Learning what unconditional self-love means and feels like

This module will INCLUDE:


  • Foundations of navigating triggers and ending the cycle of emotional spiraling


  • Learning to identify the root of survival patterns and self-regulating through trigger with the emotional scale


  • A brief introduction to The Emotion Code, bringing awareness to emotions stored in body and learning to release them


  • Deepening relationship with self and embodying more unconditional self-love and radical self-forgiveness


  • A lesson on the Cognitive Behavioral Triangle and guided meditation featuring @Ouroboros.healing. Learn how to regulate the nervous system and release toxic relationships

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