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“It is safe to create,

your Heaven on Earth.


Earth Angel School: Workshop 3 offers practical tools for embodying healing tools and taking actionable steps to create your divine life.


Earth Angel School is a three part workshop series that helps guide you through a Spiritual Awakening. This series is a means to help people awaken to their personal truth, wisdom and divinity.


This module is for anyone who

EXPERIENCES the following:


  • Feeling called to create and manifest their divine life

  • Tired from deep shadow work and ready to create practical change

  • Ready to take action but confused on next steps


  • Feeling eager to call in more abundance of all kinds and freedom

  • Feeling ready to connect with the feeling of purpose 

  • Wanting to call in more love and peace into their lives


This module is for anyone who

WANTS the following:

  • Feeling clarity in next steps on their journey


  • To access more feelings of connection, support and peace in every moment, even the most difficult ones


  • An ability to choose the highest decision and walk through fear


  • To feel embodied in purpose and authenticity


  • Feeling connected to higher timelines, abundance of all kinds and opportunities


  • Ability to create more compassion and be of service to others 


  • To access the timeline of love

This module will INCLUDE:


  • Practical tools to embody healing tools and your personal spiritual beliefs to create change in your life


  • Actionable and practical guides to create your divine life or "Heaven on Earth"


  • A lesson on accessing higher timelines of love, abundance of all kinds, a sense of purpose as well as clarity on your journey


  • An activating light language transmission and meditation lead by quantum healer, light language keeper and spiritual growth mentor @melissabbates_ to help you open your channel to higher timelines and prosperity

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