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“Once you embody the essence

of who you truly are, 

you chase away everything

you truly are not.”


Earth Angel School: Module 1 offers support and guidance for those beginning their awakening journey. 


Earth Angel School is a four part workshop program that helps guide people through a Spiritual Awakening. Through remembering our sovereignty, the Earth Angel Archetype can be fully embodied. This program is a means to help people awaken to their personal truth, wisdom and divinity.

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This workshop replay INCLUDES:


  • Foundations of walking through the “dark night of the soul” and learning how to navigate “ego death.”


  • Learn to identify nuances in the body and become aware of inherited trauma, the inner child and shadow aspects.


  •  A brief introduction to the “Big You, Little You” technique; a healing modality that supports the inner child and integration into an autonomous adult.


  • Learn the practice of sacred boundary setting and attracting conscious relationships.


  • A practical exercise and guided meditation featuring @Hearthofthesoul. Learn the practice of connecting to the heart space and cultivating unconditional self-love.


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