By merging spirituality and pop music, Daisy Draper has helped over 100 private clients learn how to embody their “Earth Angel” essence and take divine action towards their authentic path. Draper works privately with clients as well as live lectures throughout her Earth Angel School, a four part workshop program that guides people through their spiritual awakening journey.

You may also know Draper from her debut single, “Did You Think,” where she depicts the challenging journey of ego death and Higher Self alignment. This Spiritual Pop Artist and Intuitive Healer helps people all around the world access their Akashic records, connect to the wisdom within their bodies and remember their sovereign Earth Angel essence. 


My name is Daisy Draper and I am a Healer. I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease early 2016 which manifested a multitude of symptoms such as chronic IBS, gastrointestinal and muscular pain, severe anxiety and depression, hormonal imbalances, ovarian cysts and a deep resentment towards life. I also suppressed unresolved emotional trauma which intensified my physical conditions. My lifestyle consisted of fast food, heavy consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals and little to no movement. I was not consciously connected to the spiritual world nor was I interested during this time. I also served in the United States Army which contributed to my illness due to various conditions.


Fast forward to 2021, I chose the path of healing and no longer suffer from any of these conditions thanks to the powers of energetic, emotional and natural therapeutic modalities. I listened to my “inner healer” and intuition which guided me to the exact places, people and resources I needed to bring myself back into homeostasis. I learned quick fixes did not exist and healing is not a destination, it is a forever journey!

​I discovered the significance of emotional and energetic work through my deep interpersonal relationship with illness. I found I was able to “feel” the trauma and energetic imbalance that contributed to my dis-ease. Through inner child therapy, shadow work and channeling the Akashic Records, I was able to deepen my practice and spiritual gifts. We all have the ability to access our inner healer within by slowing down, practicing awareness and alchemizing wounds that present themselves. I now work with many clients to help them radically transform their lives and strengthen their intuitive abilities.

My mission is to help facilitate higher ascension and inspire others to embody their most free and authentic expression. Through remembering our sovereignty and unity with the Universe, we can embody the “Earth Angel” archetype (or in other words our most authentic, whole selves). My work is a means to help people awaken to their personal truth, wisdom and divinity.​

Divinity is literally at your fingertips. Just listen, look within and all of the answers are there.

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